Working papers  

“The Demand for Energy Efficiency in a Developing Country”

“Grid versus Off-grid in Nepal: Heterogeneity in Electricity Services and Enterprise Development” (with Hope Thompson)

“Price Perception and Electricity Demand with Nonlinear Tariffs” (with Shaun McRae)  [Email for latest version]

“Shedding Light: Understanding Energy Efficiency and Electricity Reliability” (with Eliana Carranza) Oct 2016 version   World Bank WP version

“Waste Not:  Can Biogas Deliver Sustainable Development?” (with Kate Sims and Hope Thompson)  Nov 2016 version   [Revise and resubmit]


Select on-going research

“Household Demand for Electricity Reliability” (with Shaun McRae)

“Impacts of Smart Meters on Electricity Losses”

“Restoration Economics: Investigating the Effects of Area-of-Concern Remediation” (with Michael Moore)

“Incentives or Information? Supporting stronger public-private forest management partnerships” (with Arun Agrawal)


Published and forthcoming papers

“Property Rights and Drinking Water Access: Evidence from Land a Titling Program in Rural Peru”  Dec 2016 version  [Forthcoming  World Development]

“Water Works: The Economic Impact of Water Infrastructure.” Sept 2015 version [Forthcoming  Journal of Human Resources]

Is Water Security Necessary? An Empirical Analysis of the Effects of Climate Hazards on National Level Economic Growth” (with C.Brown and Y.B. Ghile).  Water Security Special Issue of Philosophical Transactions A. 2013, 371(2002).

“Willingness to Pay for Cleaner Water in Less Developed Countries: Systematic Review of Experimental Evidence” (with J.G. Hombrados, M. Kremer, E. Miguel, C. Null and A. P. Zwane) International Initiative for Impact Evaluation Systematic Review 006, May 2012

“Hydroclimatic risk to economic growth in Sub-Saharan Africa” (with C. Brown, K. Hunu, and W. Yu).  Climatic Change, 2011, 106(4): 621-647.


Permanent working papers

“Culture and the Persistence of Gender Roles: Evidence through Natural Experiments in Central Asia”